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Jim, Beam Me Up!

I always want to write. I get ideas and I say, yeah, write that down. Then I get to the white screen of anxiety and lock right up. So I’ll just start typing and see what type of drivel comes out this time.

There’s a lot of pain in my past, and I sense that to truly evolve into some happiness there is going to be a lot more pain and difficulty in my life. I can just feel it welling up. Like being tied to a rock in a tide pool and feeling the water on your toes, then your feet, then something in the water starts nibbling at your shins. Anyway there’s that, and I have a song lyric start in my head…

It’s a million miles away,

my salvation.

It bleeds, slow and bright.

Take me away.

Take me away before I know.

There’s time and there’s cement.

Someone cut a hole,

In space time and let it spin.

Spin baby, spin.

I’ll pick my horse and grin.

The light inside you,

will vanquish me.