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My First Post!

An exciting title for a blog! So here it is, my fresh blog. I’ve come a long way and finally decided to make writing a major part of my life and post it publicly. Sure I’ve used Myspace blogging when it was cool and others…but my intentions here are to showcase some writing and get to know other like minded writers and degenerates.

i made the determination to be a writer quite some time ago, but decided to get an MBA for some reason, so I’ve been struggling through that wondering what the fuck I’m doing for the last 7 years. In December it is all over so I need to figure out what I am really about. So this blog will probably journal my attempts to live a more authentic life (even though I’m writing under a fake name!).

Why Sex or Tv? My wife asked me the other night if I wanted to have sex or watch the Walking Dead. It was honestly a tough call. So I’m in my mid-thirties with kids and sometimes just vegging and watching zombies get there heads split is the way to go.

Not sure where to go with this one, I was just excited to get going and I’m sure there are no readers anyway. I bought Killswitch Engage’s new album and it got me jacked up. I’m into choppers, all kinds of music but currently metal is at the top, always wanted to be a metal band singer among other things.

Anyway, hope the blogs to come are more interesting and someone starts reading it.

Rex Pullman