Active Shooter Training

For my part-time job I had to attend an Active Shooter training session. We basically just watched a video on the best way to survive. I won’t get into the details as to not plagiarize.

It was a scary training. Thinking that at any pointless moment of my work life I may be jolted awake by gunfire and screaming. The video programmed into my brain which translated into early morning nightmares. Wide awake at 3 a.m. after seeing myself crouching for cover and running for the exit. Would I yell to alert customers where there was an exit, or protect myself thinking of my family at home? Would I bum-rush the shooter in a last ditch effort if I needed to? Attack them as violently as possible is what I learned. I see their body flex under a hit from a full on charge from me, watch their head crack against the floor or a wall. Did he drop the gun? Is he pointing it at me? I grab his hair and start pounding head against the floor. *vooop* eyes open, wide awake. Jesus. when I can nod off again, it just plays on repeat.

It’s the age we live in. We need to be aware of this type of thing possibly happening, anywhere, anytime. It is not very likely, and maybe it’s the old Boy Scout in me, but I like to be as prepared as I can be. From now on, wherever I am, I’ll check for exits and escape routes.

For some, being prepared means carrying their own pistol. This does make me feel safer, but for selfish reasons. As you become a stationary target, fumbling trying to get your gun out of your underwear, trying to be a cowboy, I will be carrying my kids and running like hell. Worry about saving your own ass they say. Well, my kids are more important than me, and you, if you tag the shooter, you can have the hero credit, if you wind up dead, you’ll still be my hero.

I understand the desire to carry a gun, but I do not think it is the answer. In fact, I think it pushes the problem in the wrong direction. The world will be a better place if we trust and understand each other. Carrying weapons makes a pretty huge statement of distrust. Instead of reaching out to people on the fringe and telling them to come back, this sends a message of, “Back Off Sucker”. Instead of being on the fringe they go off the edge quicker.


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